Monday, June 28, 2010

Home From Alaska

What an incredible trip. A chance to imagine what life was like in early North America... when the human population was small and mother nature so very grand. We went to many places... I won't bore you with all, but here are a couple things I will surely remember.

One of many glaciers is this magnificent one titled Mendenhall Glacier named after a man who oddly enough never visited Alaska but was instead the managerial head of Survey team that did. Apparently brown-nosing was resident long ago. :-) One can't begin to tell from a photo how large these things are. The vertical drop off at the bottom of the flow appears small but is many stories high. This glacier has been receding for many years... even before cars, and industrial pollution existed. So what does that mean to global warming?

Meet two of the most common population in Alaska. No... I was not this close in the wild.... this is the work of really good taxidermist. Kind of sad tho.

Of the estimated 50,000 bald eagles flying across the U.S., about 25,000 are seen in Alaska. They really were everywhere we looked. Amazing.

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