Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wanabe (Quilters) Christmas Partying

My Wanabe Friendship group had one great party and gift exchange this year. Here are some pics of the festivities. I love these ladies! You can double click on any photo for closeup views!
All began with great appetizers ( one of many shown here.)

Visiting and gift exchanges next. I can't show them all.... I got distracted and failed to photograph. DUH!
This first gift came from Laurie Lyon (left) to Nancy Mastroianni. It highlited sayings about the things that happen to our bodies as we age. Remember the quote from Betty Davis? " Old age isn't for woosies!"
Then Nancy gave a rose table runner to flower loving Carol Brodie. Beautiful!!!

Carol who does exquisitely fine/beautiful work honored Nancy Kastner with a black and gold fan and patched floral table runner. This thing was gorgeous.
Nancy in turn presented Carol Lundquist with a lovely wool table runner honoring the family Christmas.

The detail on this piece calls for a closeup.

Carol Lundquist made me cry with the enourmous sized AND beautiful black and batik quilt she gave to me. You saw the quilt in an earlier Santa Came Early" post. I then presented Carol Culbert with the green table piece you've seen in works in progress posts including " Do I have to give this away?" post entered mid December. Carol Culbert presented Karon Cornell(left) a lovely framed wall piece of wool applique honoring the sweet sounds of songbirds. Karon manages a wildlife sanctuary for a local college so this was a great fit!

Karon who is a close friend, talented lady, former student, etc.... presented Laurie Lyon with a wall piece showcasing a painted with ink scarlet parrot in flight. Is this gorgeous or what? I should note Laurie is a big-time bird lover so Karon did a great job matching the gift to the recipient. This was particularly touching in that the night before the party, Laurie's 19 year loved "Sun Conyer" (?sp) named Goldie passed away.
We now were missing one of our members Carol Pankow who was traveling and moving her hubby back home from his exec. job in the east We did have a paddle with pic of Carol. We can't show all her presents here as they were wrapped... but Carol collects 'ducks' and she got to ride in one for this pic.

Carol had a gift for Phyllis which for some reason I didn't get 'snapped' DUH! Then Phyllis gave the incredible gift of the day to Hilary Field, our loving Brit and maker of the best English shortbread ever! This piece is all perfect needle turn applique and off the charts beautiful. We don't think Phyllis ever sleeps!

Finally we dined like Miss Piggy in Lauries lovely new home dining room. For this group of ladies.. this IS Christmas. WE all get so excited as every gift is truly special as are all the women in this group . Aw... sweet memories!

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