Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Came Early!

'Am I lucky or what?!!! MY SECRET PAL for Christmas is a prolific and industrious piecer: Carol Lundquist of Yorba Linda California. I saw Carol many months ago working on two quilts ( including this one). She almost always does 2 quilts of a pattern at a time so I thought nothing of this being targeted for me for Christmas. I am quite sure however I drooled over it as she worked as it is all batiks and solid black. "Breathtakingly beautiful!" I love pieced quilts but haven't the patience for one this complex. Each block has 53 pieces. There are 36 blocks... that alone accounts for over 1900 little bity pieces. Add the alternating locks and triangles and the border and we are at no less than 2,661 pieces on the top. Egads. I got tired counting them. LUCKY ME!!!!!!! THANK YOU CAROL!!
Needless to say... quilters are sometimes standing in line to get into the abundantly productive group.... if only for the Christmas exchange. ;-) Great ladies to boot!

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