Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Trial Run on R66

WHERE HAVE I BEEN????.... well on the road for over 9 days.... first at the Rocky Mountain Festival where a first run display of Route 66 appeared. We did this to amongst other things figure out how to hang/present such an enourmous exhibit such that exhibiting shows can get all 49 quilts plus 6 large quilted highway maps hung in a reasonable time with reasonable effort. Here's a few pics of the initial effort
Following the 3 day event, we went back to the Jukebox studio to enhance and refine the hanging system... here you see one part of the exhibit representing the California Route. Thanks to Vinda Robison (shown here) for tons of effort and help getting things rolling. Vinda also photographed every quilt separately. Those will be available when I get access to them. The BUZZ over this exhibit is abundant and very exciting.


Amy Art Quilter & Fyber Cafe said...

Wow!! This is stunning, quiet a BIG project. I remember many of the places on your map, as our family traveled from Calif to Illinois and back every year. Many times on Route 66 and saw all the sites. I also camped in the Mojave desert as a college student for many years. Looking for ward to seeing pics of all the quilts, Thanks for a great project. AMY

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back! Thanks for sharing the Route 66 photos: I look forward to seeing the whole collection.

-Beth Stanton

Patt Blair said...

Hey Beth... You quilt is spectacular!!!!! Thank You Patt