Friday, August 10, 2012

My mini Route 66 map

I'll be heading out next mid week to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival. This should be great fun to finally see the whole exhibit hung. YEAH. Kelly Gallagher Abbott ( my co curator) and I have been talking about the possibility of smaller exhibits of say 1 trunk for venues with space limitations. example... Arizona and California had so many entries that they each will likely fill a trunk for each state. That said, I decided I would quilt my original 60" Chicago to Los Angeles map that may be made available to join the trunk. There is a lot of open space on on these road maps and simple quilting is all that is required... so I've been doing a back and forth earth strata type of quilting.
This is much more simple than one might think... Here's the same area in a couple progressive steps. First quilting top toward the bottom, then reversing to meet bottom to top. The same could be done side to side.... but many machines like up and down better than side to side quilting.

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