Monday, April 29, 2013

Creativity in Sedona

Have been traveling a few days in sheer delight. 1) Was in Sedona Red Rock Country 2) Was in a private studio portrait in oils class with a world class instructor ( I get to take a class now and then too.) and 3) I took friends to the class too.  I piddled in oils years ago ( I mean 4 or so decades ago without instructions. It was okay but I learned to love watercolors more ( the medium that eventually brought me to painting on fabric with inks).  NOW.. there are water mixable oil paints ( YEAHHHH!!!!) so I might find the best of both traditional painting with water and oil.  I will NOT be departing from inks on fabric.... This is just personal fun!!!!
Established oil painter Gretchen Lopez of Arizona sets up  model "Mel" for a value sketch warm up.

Value studies call for a study of the shapes involved and the locations and intensity of darks. This is a getting to know your subject experience, discovering your understanding of the models planes, core lines, etc. Oh.. my head hurts already.
 So.. those things we see in portrait education books really happen. .. yes a 3/4 view of a head does fit inside a box if done right.
The painting pose is set, and here we go. This will be a "big brush"painting done fairly quickly... i.e.   a loose painting looking for the feel of the model... not so much an attempt at completely accurate realism. This whole effort for me is about loosening up .
First blocking in shapes of darks ( no redrawing the subject on canvas)... we are drawing as we go using a No 10 flat brush ( thats big).Really important learning for me...  Quick sketch and refine... Thank you dear Lord!!  You can wipe off wet oil paint.  YEAH!  I  later took off the dark background angles of her forehead and chin to correct the basic drawing. Darks go on 'thin.' So many of you probably know this stuff... It was new to me. Scary but fun!
This is where I was at the end of about 2 hours  actual painting time. I'm almost done with her face, and have begun the hair.  Background will be last I suspect.   Models need breaks every 15 minutes of so.  Their work is hard.  I leave class at the end of the day with this canvas as is and a reference photo I can use to finish hopefully soon.  New model and challenge the next day.

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Theresa said...

I love it. You did a wonderful job with your photos and model (painted). I haven't tried the newer oils yet, but I'm glad to know you can wipe them off real quick. How fun was that!!! You go PAT!!!