Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Birthday Day High Tea

This was so much fun. August was my month to host my Wanabe Quilters friendship group meeting and lunch. The meeting date fell on my and one others birthday ( Carol Brodie of Corona, Ca). Our dear friend and member Laurie Lyon of Anaheim Hills, Ca. has a spectacular home and dining room so Laurie and I  collaborated  to host a high tea and invited group members to dress for TEA, bring a favorite tea cup, and relax for the day.  They did. It was great.  The group L - R: Phyllis Reddish, Carol Culbert, Carol Lundquist, Mary Lou Ripper, Janmarie Halliday, Birthday Girl Carol Brodie, Karon Cornell, Our local tea authority brit... Hilary Field, Carol Pankow, Nancy Kastner, and  Laurie Lyon (our queen of elegant entertaining) .  'Tis I  pressed against the wall and behind the camera.

Click on photo/s for enlarged view.
Knowing this was ahead,  I bought specialty teas as I've traveled this year. We had 7 pots of tea to choose from ( yes only 5 shown) :

Menu included: 5 types of finger sandwiches... of course the required cucumber and egg salad, and then smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill,  2  quick breads with devonshire cream and jam,  curried chicken salad,  fresh strawberry slaw,  scones, jams and lemon curd,  desserts of fresh fruit tart, lemon crisp cookies and liquor infused mini cup cakes.  We may have outdone ourselves with work and prep but it was ooooo so fun and no better way to spend 2 friends birthdays with mutual dear quilting friends.

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