Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun Weekend in Temecula

Can you believe this?  1/2 inch finished color spots make this one spectacular quilt by Mary Lou Ripper. Wow!! I admit Mary Lou did have the blocks complete prior to arriving.. but still!! They were done!!!!
Just plain gorgeous I'd say!!!  Some of us suspect Mary Lou is not human.... She completes quilts sooooo darned quick! ...and a lot of them.  ;-)
One of many fanciful birds on Karon Cornell's emerging quilt top.
 ...and then theres Carol Lundquist who also arrived with blocks ready to be pieced together. I LOVE this quilt pattern which is one of three quilts she put together this weekend. WOW!
Now,  my quilt ... no such luck... No pattern... a zillion different batiks. I'm building a color wave of varied size batik stars and filler blocks.  This will take some time!
 It's a puzzle in the making. Not all stars or filler blocks will perfectly intersect  at the top or bottom edge of adjacent blocks.  This may be no big deal for many.... but a nightmare for an art quilter painter that is making up the pattern and piecing odd stuff without much experience.  Oh well.  I'm the one who says "The Learning is in The Struggle."  I'll figure it out.. just not quickly as I have little time to do this kind of fun stuff.


Patrica said...

I love batiks and your quilt will be amazing I know. That postage stamp quilt is so awesome I don't know what to say about it except wow!

Patt Blair said...

Thanks... ...Where there is a will, there is a way.... so indeed I will get it done.