Thursday, August 8, 2013

Finishing a Mini Father Christmas

So I have painted a large version ( seen in previous post) and it was so fun I had 2 fundraiser pieces I wanted to contribute so decided a really small Father Christmas might be fun and I painted 2 more.   Now to get one of the mini's quilted and on its way to Houston International.  This 15" x18" quilt will be offered in a silent auction that helps fund prize monies for the International Festival.
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Now as to how I got here. First I added  1 inch wide strips to all four sides.  The strips are silver circles on darker silver  background and were  fussy cut in a way that when the quarter inch 'sashing' was added... a half circle would face inward toward the painted center.    thus....
Placing a 1/4" insert sashing is not as challenging as it looks. Step one was just adding the one inch strips.  Then with outer silver and white border fabric right sides together with the one inch strip already sewn on and pressed, we go to the back side of the outer border fabric and prepare to sew a 1/4" inch seam along the bobbin line of the strip already added. This seams odd I know but we are using the left side of the 1/4" foot as our guide.
When we get to the end of the strip added stitch line, a pencil line extended out to the outer border edge will keep things going the right path and you now use the drawn line to guide the left side of your 1/4" foot.
  After that it's all quilting. On drawn and stamped COAT items... I secured them with monofilament thread as colored thread would be a distraction.
Then a simple and very small background fill in white.

This was sure fast compared to the original large piece. 
Finally in dark teal thread a overlapping curved veil fill pattern that 'falls" haphazardly to the snow floor.
The joy of finishing is signing after adding a loose and fun what I'll loosely refer to as a feathered rose border fill. I added a quarter inch binding of the same as the outer border fabric and color it DONE!! This was lots of fun...about a three day project all in all.
Now to get paperwork prepared and quilt sent. If you go to Houston Int'l this fall, look for this silent auction near the red carpet prize row.  There are some bargains to be had.

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