Saturday, November 9, 2013

Final 2013 Houston Favs

This quilt just looked like FUN! It may have been a bit tedious to make but the maker made it into something remarkable.  Click on any photo for an enlarged view.
       From above quilt:   A Closeup
Who doesn't recognize and love the work of David Taylor!
So... who knew a bulldozer could be so interesting?  The makers use of varied fabrics made this piece truly amazing. Now... what to do with a large quilt of a bull dozer?? I'm sure there's a family story behind this quilt so a home was probably planned in the making thereof.
This fun stacked cake quilt came from Japan. The quiltmaker made herself a great purse with one stacked cake.  Too fun!
Exciting to me to see a 'gesture' drawing/applique of  spider mums. Gorgeous.

This was a first place winner as I recall.. I loved it. 
This fascinating piece by Hollis Chatelain is much larger than this photo would suggest. 

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