Friday, November 22, 2013

It started with a pillowcase!!!

Sometimes art quilters do other types of quilts. Right now, I'm making twin bed covers requested last summer by my east coast grandsons.  One plays Lacrosse..the other Football... twin boys...different as can be. They loved their sports oriented pillowcases I made for the routine summer slumber parties with their cousins. Smart boys..." I'd sure like  bedding like this fabric" said... "Me too!" the other... and so the quest to find 10 yards each of already sold out fabric began. It worked out!
I must admit, this is pretty cool sports fabric.  
The bed cover comes fist...   later some matching top sheets. 

Have this first one done and bound. 

Admit I love the ghost image line drawings behind each player.

  Now to get this one bound!   Maybe I'll be favorite grammie for a day!

I've been doing some other things too.... one is a commission painting I can't show yet. But I really want to.... Mid December ... I can post.

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