Monday, October 20, 2014

A Robin for Houston

Whenever I'm scheduled to do an extended demo ( I'll be in Open Studio next Friday morning at Houston International )... I warm up in advance doing a small a painting..  this being a new piece of a sweet robin in the snow. I had yards of this exquisite sateen used in the border. There is not much more gorgeous than quilted sateen.  This piece is fairly small ( 14.5" square)  and  because of the overall small size... you will see I was able to somewhat disproportionately quilt.
Simple wave lines in upper background.  The bird merely needed to be secured to the double layer of batting designed to give a bit of stability to the overall piece.
Tiny bubble circles in darker snow bank areas
What to do with the border was a challenge til I decided a real feather-like  fill would work. Easy and pretty quick.
Hope to see you in Houston this next week AND please take a look at the Libby Lehman auction addressed in the previous post.  

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