Monday, October 13, 2014

PREVIEW LIBBY COLLECTION going up for auction

It's almost here and we are all excited.  (Auction begins OCT 22nd) 
Many thanks up front to Clara Lawrence for the idea and coordination of so many artists participation and contributions. YOU can own a piece by one of your favorite artists.

               click here to preview a UTube upload of the
                        Inspired By Libby Collection 
                     that will go on the block for bidding
                                 Oct 22 - Nov 5th .
   Quilts will be exhibited at Houston International later this month. Please stop by the exhibit... and bid when bidding opens on Oct 22nd.    The bidding will take place at accessible directly or  linked via 

  I am one of many international artists having contributed to the Inspired By Libby Lehman collection for a fundraising auction. All monies from this auction will go to Libby's rising medical fund. Each  30" x 30" art quilt in the auction has been inspired by either Libby's spirit (including this one below/my contribution) or inspired by one of her own beautiful quilts. I can't tell you how much fun it was to design a one of a kind piece so playful as that is how I view Libby.

She is getting better... talking... standing, some walking.  Good chance we will see her at the exhibition in Houston.  She has viewed and caressed all these quilts... and repeated " I am overwhelmed" several times. Please take a look at the entire collection shown as a preview on Utube link above   ( see "click here" near the top of this post.)

click on photo below for an enlarged view.

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