Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Step By Step Birdie

Breaking a painting down to steps makes it not so ominous. So thats the plan here.  A contour drawing is laid beneath fabric to be painted. This fabric is #3940 Stonehenge. It's a light value mottled fabric which adds a bit of texture/interest.  The challenge?... seeing the drawing beneath.... It's there though and a light box could help if needed.... just be aware that a light box makes all your marks ( even dark ones) appear lighter than true value.
First... a simple marker sketch to get a feel for the area to be painted
adding some interesting abstract area at the bottom 
some sketched in color in the negative space...  
I'm not concerned about the blotching here as this area will be densely quilted.
Using a black Fabrico marker... I sketched in selected areas of black outline...
added yellow to the breast area... then starting the blue wings.  

The same blue that filled the wings was used to lay a soft transparency atop the upper yellow breast and ofcourse created a green tint to add a bit of interest. 
'Have now added black fill on the bird and once dry a bit of white on the face. Then, a  soft yellow here and there in the background. Almost done! 
A hint of lavendar added in the upper area.. Finishing up supportive borders and ready to quilt. 
Sometimes as they say... Less is More....   The interesting mottled background called for less painting than on a pure white surface.  

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Robbie said...

Your little bird is beautiful!!!