Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Create Your Own Mottled Background Fabric

I usually paint on white fabric using pigment ink and sometimes Setacolor paint.  I'm thinking this time I might appreciate a light color of yellow in the background using Dynaflow by Jacquard to " dye" my white fabric.  First I've placed my clean white sheer cotton fabric ( Hoffman PFD #1377)  on my plastic work surface.  I've heavily misted it with clear water, then loosely brushed on Dynaflow in varied directions. This looks really bright but I don't think it will be when dry... If so, I'll do it "another time lighter."
Since I'm not at all interested in creating a perfectly even finish on the surface, I'll even throw on a bit of rock salt hopefully to further mottle the finished surface.     Now to let it air dry!!!!

 A couple hours later, all is well and the final thing to do is to heat set.  Iron set on dry cotton setting and merely iron it like a shirt .  The reverse side is lighter than the painted side. Take Your pick. The modeling is  satisfactory to my thinking!

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