Friday, March 13, 2015

Music for The Soul

The "Bit of Bliss" pattern quilt is down to 2 blocks... neither of which related to my personal bit of bliss so I'm designing my own. The  finished  previously posted block that will be adjacent to this is the bubble bath tub.  Well, if I were taking THAT bath, I'd like some great tunes playing.. I also get to make up what songs I'm listening to in this game.  The radio below is a made up contemporary version of an old portable from I'd guess the 50s or 60s. The music "I'm"playing (this is so fun making up "the story")... is the "ONLY YOU" album put out long ago by  music genius Harry Connick Jr.  This  album came out before the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans, and I so remember seeing news coverage of Harry in waist high suspender waders carrying people through water.. on to safety.  Not only was he the knight in shining armor that day... but he was workout buff and shirtless while being a hero. I must admit... that image burned in my brain and when I recently found the old CD... I started listening to it near nonstop. Incredible voice and phrasing!  So you can pick your own music to identify your bliss. Apparently, Harry is mine, but I'll share!  :-)
I looked  all over for a really good still shot of that Katrina memory. This is all I could find... but you get the idea for sure. Good job Harry! 
and the album...yeah. 

Now on to identifying /creating the bliss that will accompany the english tea pot.

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