Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Winding Path of Creating

I love the creative process largely because I give myself the okay to change direction.  Years ago, I was lucky enough to study watercolor with Robert E Wood . One quote I think of often.. "Creativity is a winding path to an unknown destination." THANK YOU Mr. Wood!

The winding part allows for change in direction as many times as 'needed.'The drawing below is last evenings sketch of the high tea tray I would include in my final Bit of Bliss block. As I began to make those tiny finger sandwiches.... I concluded it was too much work for too little effect. So the path began to wind.

I recalled purchasing some cupcake fabric for another project. What the heck.... those cupcakes look good here so I'm using.  I have some stitching yet to do but I am happy with this image.  Looks like a fun tea party I think.

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