Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Side of Rice you say?

Working on a long arm adds different challenges...  Sometimes... when working with an exceptionally light weight batting... the top seems to bounce with each stitch. This can make one nuts especially when doing small work.  So adding weight behind the long arm head can sometimes help.  There's likely a bunch of ways to make a rice bag... here's just one.  I'm leaving the original bag intact... but a good friend suggested I would be able to use the end result bag in the microwave for heat to sooth sore muscles...  I think I would have to ditch the plastic bag which to me suggested a messy challenge. basically.I'm making a  small mock pillowcase that once the bag is inside... will be closed. This took about 5 minutes to sew start to finish.
I  can now slide the rice into the open end of the mini pillowcase

and machine stitch the open end 
Position behind the head and adjust location as needed. 
To be clear, I don't use these often....   It's just as we all know... you sometimes need a new tool for a tough job. 

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