Saturday, April 2, 2016

Just Gotta Paint Miss Olivia!

 I am always looking for great source of portrait demos for my classes..... My out of state friend has a new granddaughter... Miss Olivia , 9 mos. Grandpa Barry took an adorable photo of her wearing 'Mama's cowgirl hat. So flipping cute. I painted her here for absolute joy... giggling throughout the effort.  First a black and white contour drawing of her placed underneath sheer  white PFD.

Skin tone ink added.  ( Wet here and always scary looking until dried and eyes are in.)
I've added some dry brush contour using a sand colored ink. 

No longer scary... Bright blue eyes, nostrils darkened, big time eyelashes are in... lips added. 
Below: Baby girl blush pink added.... some dry brush white highlights on the chin, tip of nose, under eyes, etc. , jammies added and we're ready for that hat!! There are several things different than norm on this portrait... 1) light source is from below promoting little shadow at the lower chin, 2) white highlites are on the lower half of the pupils, 3) lip edges appear turned down, and 4) the underneath edge of the upper lid is visible and almost pure white.  
Lasting message:Take nothing you think you know for granted-STUDY;-D 
So, the DETAILS of her hat don't help tell the 'story' so I left it mostly out of focus. Pretty darned cute kid.... What fun to paint! Now what to do ???

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PJ said...

Patt this is sooo cute. Love it. Pam J