Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Wanted Poster in order!!!

At the time I was painting this, I was yet to learn 'Olivia's name and since I wanted to surprise her Nana.... I went forward thusly.  The lighting on the original photo reminded me of a  police style Mug Shot... so  with the cowgirl hat and mug shot thinking, I tripped to an old West "Wanted" poster idea
The poster designed, pinned and ready to quilt. 
I decided to quilt the plain background with a wood-grain motif. It isn't uncommon for me to draw my first line of quilting... then stitch.

Sure helps getting started ,,, thereafter , it's mostly irregular echo work with the occasional addition of a new "KNOT!"  Variegated thread worked great for this. 
I 'mitered' the quilted wood corners ... and voila. 
Bound and 'sleeved' , then immediately mailed this off to Olivia's Nana ( Barbara Cohen). 
The label mailed later is my rub cloth used to test inks when painting the piece.... I free motion 'wrote' with girly PINK thread. I've been wanting to use rub cloth to make labels for a good while.  The idea may be lost to anyone that doesn't paint on fabric, but it was fun for me to do. 

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