Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Gift Worth Giving

Have you ever made a quilt specifically planned for giving, but had trouble giving it away?  So I planned to make a gift a Baby Quilt for a dear friend...  Got the top done in early May ( making it was fun) ... then quilted... now 'TIMES UP'... Time to let these happy Owls take flight.
 Please excuse this description, but every one of these little guys is a "HOOT"
It seems to me a cute Owl Quilt should be accompanied by a good Owl Book, and a baby owl stuffed animal.
Okay... It's been wrapped and in the car for 3 days.... I must deliver it soon. 
 6-24-16 UPDATE: I delivered  yesterday and believe I got the biggest hug I've ever received.   Happy Baby! 


Quiltingdb 3 said...

Such a cute quilt! I love how some of the owls look like they're taking flight :-)

Jenny said...

I love your happy little owls - what a wonderful little quilt!!