Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Devoted To Diana

 One of the joys of my Painted Quilt Art Retreat in May was the inclusion of new student Diana Bicknell.  This is Diana's dog Lexie who was lost this year at 14 years old. Lexie helped Diana through  breast cancer treatment. She wouldn't leave Diana's side on really bad days. So, Diana did the same with her on her bad days. Such a touching story of mutual devotion. Animals are such a gift from our Creator. 

This painted Quilt will hang in Diana's house as a reminder of her devoted friend. 
One of the things Diana has done extremely well  especially for a new painter is to see and project value change. Likewise Diana has added interest and depth to this piece through her varied use of greens.  
I know Diana was pondering how to border. I somewhat think this piece is so powerful, that a border isn't requited.    Beautiful work Diana!   

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