Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Disappearing in Sedona

Once a year a gal pal of mine( Laurie)  and I  travel to Sedona, AZ  for a week of chilling and sewing, and  just whatever. We do what we call traveling alone together staying in adjacent timeshare units on the banks of Oak Creek. Sweet!!!  Ofcourse, we shop, go out to lunch, etc together but back at home turf' do whatever we wish,   Sooo Sew beautiful!  I'm starting work on the most simple pieced quilt .. I needed some almost mindless sewing !!!!   So here goes the Disappearing Nine Patch which requires no written pattern and in this case... not even cutting out fabric as I'm using Moda's  mixed selection of 5 inch squares in  contemporary charm backs. ( 'Basic Mixologe' - with colorful focus fabrics and  background fabrics from "Behind The Scenes' pack offering  lighter value greys and taupes. The process is so simple it's just fun.  First .. a  slightly perplexing looking sewn nine patch with 5 focus, 4 background fabrics.
 CUT VERTICALLY AND HORIZONALLY  at the mid point of the block's center . In this case... the remaining background squares are 4 1/2 "  side seam to side seam... so the split cut is made 2 1/4 " in from side seam edge.
Now time to re-position  2 diagonal squares.   I chose to re-position the  bottom right sub-block to the top left and vice versa. Some chose to merely rotate 180 degrees in same sub block position.. Your call !
Finally re-stitch  together and press....    Yahoo ...how simple is that.  
 My quilt will be made up of 20 blocks (each made up of  different fabrics)  and likely a small border. How easy is that? You won't see the end of the quilt here...  This will call for 3 sets of charm packs and ofcourse, I brought 2 sets with me. Apparently I needed a vacation!

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