Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Headed for Auction at Houston International

Many are aware that Houston teachers regularly contribute small projects for Silent Auction at the International Quilt Festival.  Bidder funds go to the organization. I've been doing this pretty regular for many years so I have a fun one for this year...  very different from years past.  Almost every painter paints a pear generally early in their art journey. I seemed to jump over that idea  on my journey so I think I best do so now. This piece now quilted, bordered, bound, and signed is done. ... Now to block back into shape... (ie  evenly spray with water, pull/pin back in place from all the manhandling that occurs in quilting)Air dry nice and flat and remove pins.

I'm filling out the paperwork now.... to send this to Houston tomorrow. 

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Robbie said...

COOL!!! Very COOL!!!