Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Paper Towel Ink Painting

While I usually have a black and white contour  paper drawing underneath my fabric before painting.  NOT this time.... It was just an abstract pear so why create a drawing on paper.  Just a paper towel beneath was fun as it introduces a bit if texture in pigment and also gathers some excess ink  underneath since this time... I did no rubbing down of ink. Pure strong color was my goal.

 I was in a mood to work quickly, so a simple general outline of just the pear area ( with a Frixion Pen)  and away I went working with bottled inks and markers.  This was oh so much fun.
Guess it's not too neutral , eh?    Heat set...( away goes frixion markings)  and done but for quilting. 
This will be for a fundraiser later this year. I need some brain time to think about quilting and maybe more importantly some clean looking  small border that will let the viewer's eyes rest.

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Beth Stanton said...

I love the free and easy nature of this one, Patt.