Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ho Ho Ho Brownie Based Santa Hats

I've been M.I.A. for over 2 weeks  cruising the   heavenly Pacific Ocean ( someone had to  ;-D ). Now back and have a party  to attend this evening.  There will be lots of young people... so I wanted something fun to present.  These Santa hats take hardly anytime to assemble assuming you pre baked a store bought brownie mix.
here's the basics..
We're using a  circular
cut out brownie as the base
One could use a shot glass or round cookie cutter  ( I used a round clay cutter -shown below). 
Mascarpone cheese as a hat brim and top knot For 12 hats I used about 1/3 of the container of cheese placed in a bakery cone with a large round hole tip. 
A strawberry as 'the hat' 
Pretty simple stuff....
Squeeze mascarpone on top of the brownie base
Place  a strawberry on top

and add a squeeze of mascarpone at the top of the berry
pretty cute plate hat set! I think kids of all ages will like. 
If you've never purchased Mascarpone, you will usually find at a local Italian market. It's a dense cheese used in Tiramisu or the like so it will hold up well sitting out for a while.  Whipped cream wouldn't hold up so well if you were considering that as an alternative.  I have seen mock Mascarpone recipes on-line using cream cheese, a wee bit of sour cream, and very wee bit of heavy whipping cream. Google is our friend.  Party starts in 24 minutes so here we go. 
Post party update... emptied plate returned!

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Robbie said...

And you cook too!! Woman of many talents...clever dish to pass! Thanks for sharing.