Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Havin' a Ball.. a beach ball that is

I took a day off from quilting. I have a deacon meeting at church tonight and my service team has grub duty.... so it's summer at last and we're having a beach party theme. My hubby baked the cake ( 16" circular layer cake pan ) and I decorated it. We are a team at something.. yeah!!! Now.... if you are inclined... please say a wee prayer I get this thing to church in one piece as there is no cake box big enough to hold the 16" cake on an 18" circle board. I've tried but haven't come up with a funny prayer. Maybe.. Dear God... get this cake and me not unto the church on time, but in one piece. Amen.

I must say: "painting and quilting keep your kitchen a lot cleaner."
Late Night UPDATE: We MADE IT! They ate it! Grins!

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