Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home and at Play

Home from Ecuador at 3am Saturday, up at 6am and straight to an experimental effort with 6 fiber artists and an exceptionally talented book author working with several of us to produce a book for mixed media quilters. Using multi media, some painted fabric (that would be me), some stamped, some silk-screened.... etc etc. There are new to the market acrylics that so far appear to work pretty well on fabrics. It will be a while before this product takes form and is published, but it looks quite promising. And such FUN!

Here, friend Sharla Hicks is 'constructing' a silk screen design.

Screen done, paints added, 1 print made, extra medium added to move paints nicely in preparation for a second screen printing.

The second print looks pretty sweet.

Before I left for home yesterday, I had to snap a photo from the inside of an orange silk umbrella sitting in the sun. Very cool.

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