Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Class at Material Possessions

waaaaaaa! For those that asked... YES this is the Material Possessions shop in Lake Forest California. This beautiful shop and classroom are closing! Saturday last, we held our last painting with ink class there and I will say the results were fantastic. Fearless students accomplished and learned so much. Shirlee pictured here with her partially completed dragonfly.. is a biochemist by trade, and never painted before. She accomplished this in a mere 3 hours of painting. Way to go! Then we had a visit from retreat student Patty Seebold who dropped by to show us her Mama and baby giraffe done at the retreat. This shop has been the one I routinely taught at because it has beautiful/large classrooms. I'll find another way to teach locally other than with guilds and conferences. Stay tuned.


Barbara said...

Is this the Material Possessions in Lake Forest, CA that closed? Please say no because we make this an annual stop on our way (even tho it's out of the way) to Road to CA each year.

Patt Blair said...

BOOOO HOOOOO! Yes this is Material Possessions in Lake Forest, Ca.
We hope it gets to reopen! Fingers crossed!