Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Good To Play

Looks like acrylic paints are not all the same these days... I've been experimenting with how some of the newer artist quality acrylics work on fabric. I'm doing this NOT because I'm unsatisfied with working with inks... but instead.... because I know products change over time and maybe there's something to be said for acrylics... adding them to the tool belt for sometimes use. Well, here are some recently finished samples which could only pass my test if they survived the quilting process well.

The background on this piece was painted (on plain white fabric) using a 50%/50% mix of Goldens "Open" Medium and "Open" (product name) paint. There was a resulting 'tiny' bit of surface tension on the dried fabric.... tho it presented NO problems in the quilting process. YEAH!!!!

This next piece was was fast and fun. I used another Golden product... their Air Brush acrylic inks. In this example, plain white fabric was misted with clear water... then air brush acrylics were squeezed straight from the bottles allowing inks to move around, mix a bit. This made for a painted hand dyed look... without all the work of hand dyeing. It too quilted very nicely.

By the way, both pieces were heat set after they were completely air dried. I have some other samples I'll finish and get posted later! :-) Click on photos for close up view!

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