Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yeah Winter's Garden DONE!

For those that don't think I do any traditional quilting... Surprise! I belong to 2 friendship groups, mostly traditional quilters, and I love these women... I've learned so much and have lots of fun with them when we get away and SEW!!!! The large bed quilt called Winter's Garden began last November and is finally bound and done! YEAH!!!!!! Best part.... the quilt background is all squares and half square triangles. Simple, eh? While some would needle turn all that applique, I chose to try out the Misty Fuse to keep the quilt surface plenty soft. That worked okay, but was a bit more work that other fusing materials. My good friend Phyllis Reddish quilted this one for me... I can quilt in traditional fashion, but Phyllis is great and fast and since I have a gillion art quilting projects backed up of my own... I thank her for the help! We live in the mountains with winter snow pack so this one just might grace our bed this winter. This was a kit by the way from "The Quilt House" in Gardnerville Nevada (very nice shop). The pattern: Winter Garden (70" x 85") by Backyard Quilts. I used to dislike kits in general because I enjoy picking out fabrics... but now, I love them for weekend sewing retreats.

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