Friday, August 21, 2009

Quilting My Spanish Dancer

I'm just getting started on the quilting of this piece. I admit to some procrastination as most portraits I've done are small enough that minimal quilting on skin areas works well. This is a fairly large portrait and requires more quilting. I haven't perfected quilting the human image but I have 2 pieces of knowledge so far in my tool belt on the subject:
1) You either quilt very little or alot. Anything in between seems to age the person thru wrinkling! Makes sense. Children especially do not need wrinkles.
2) I do try to follow(quilt) the obvious contours of the body but even more importantly.... if you have the painted shading right in the first place, and you don't quilt lines so close together that you completely cover your painted shading, it will look pretty good as long as you have graceful lines without starts and stops that show. I have more to do on even what you see here, but it's coming along alright!
Unquilted image to start:

Beginning with her face (click on photo for detail view):

Her shoulders ( click on image for detail view):

I am now off to the airport to the Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters Show in Colorado. It will exhibit over 600 quilts including the only time every 2009 Hoffman Challenge finalist piece will show ALL TOGETHER. This should be great fun! I'm taking my camera! :-) Have a great weekend!

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Gigi said...


I love the quilting you've done. I would have been so scared to lay my needle on that exquisitely painted face but you've really done a magnificent job! Can't wait to take your class again.