Monday, August 10, 2009


I will have a reduction in the number of grandchildren visiting tomorrow.... so hope to soon have some new stuff posted. I have had a ball with grandkids.... but... Grammie needs a time-out! I still will cry all the way to the airport. Such simultaneous joy and exhaustion! Kaley and 20 mos old Max shown here. A baby boy story I can only tell women...
Mom of little Max went home from Cabo... unpacked all but a box of tampons. Returning to the suitcase the next day to put the box away.... she found it completely empty. She knew the baby boy was involved in the disappearance, and the mystery was solved when she opened the refrigerator later to find all of the wrapped up tampons orderly placed on a shelf with equal sized packages of string cheese. THAT will be one to tell a future girlfriend. BOYS! :-)

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