Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Signature

The signing of a quilt is fun because it means you are done quilting... and can move on to binding/finishing. One could surely sign 'later', but since my label and/or bottom weighted sleeve are often directly behind the signature, I do it now. I usually choose a color thread that won't distract from the quilt top. I'm proud of my work, but don't choose for my signature to be "in the viewer's face." To each his own. That's just my way. Here's what I do to sign.... I first draw 2 horizontal lines using a blue wash out marker...the lines represent the top and bottom edges of the planned cursive. I load my machine with 40 wt thread, and put my feed dogs down. I then position my needle at the starting point. After I pop up the bobbin thread as in 'Starting Anew", I'm ready to go. Click on any picture for detail view.

Give yourself permission to go slow, and write your name in a simple cursive, stopping in a needle down position at the end of your first name. You'll note that while you can see the cursive, it's not terribly visible.

That said, I then quilt my name backward atop what has already been done, this time ending where I originally began. This both emphasizes the signature and allows some minor corrections if needed.
I add the last name the same way.... starting anew. Don't forget to dot any 'i'. Mist the blue lines so they will disappear and allow fabric to dry.

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