Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello From Tehachapi

Lucky me... I spent the last three days in the lower valley (BEAUTIFUL) in Tehachapi, Ca. What a wonderful group of people living in paradise... albeit a bit chilly but I'm use to that! Quilt guilds aren't used to having their speakers photograph them rather than quilts... but it IS about the quilters anyway!

I had lovely hosts Molly and her husband David...not to mention their 2 'children' Chloe ( a long haired chihuahua) and Pumpkin ( a 7 mos old Yorkshire Terrier). Needless to say Chloe and Pumpkin were very entertaining.
Just look at the beautiful bed quilt I got to sleep under ( Pieced and quilted by my hostess Molly.)
Both class and lecture went well .. below a sample of in progress work by a student.

More later... I must do inventory now and reorder inks for my April 1st retreat.(

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