Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Weekend Away

It's a great time when you can get away with friends to spend almost 3 days sewing, especially in a retreat center that regularly beckons quilters. This time 2 large classrooms full of quilters, some of which I knew. They all seemed taken back at what I was sewing. Patt... the art quilter was making shabby chic table runners for a niece's upcoming wedding. I made 15 in fact... but 'have 15 to go. Let's just say I love this niece alot. This is what she wants so this is what she'll get!

I have a travel 'tackle style box' with duplicate tools and basic sewing stuff so I can grab and go when opportunity arrives.

But like many quilters, I needed some form of 'quilter's vitamins' ( anything with chocolate as an ingredient) added.

I am admittedly antsy to get back to my kind of work... I will. Family wins for now.

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