Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preteens and Pam

What a week!... grandaughter 12 year old Kaley(right) and 10 year old Morgan (left) visiting for a week. Busy Busy.. Chatter Chatter. They are wonderful young ladies ... the week ending with a lovely dinner at an upscale Japanese grill. They were well behaved.

.... at the end ... they couldn't hold it together and had to have fun.. :-)

Off to the airport for Kaley's 6am flight home Saturday, and I kept going to San Diego for a longarm class with Pam Clarke. What a joy she is. Pam has a freeing method of creating free motion quilting designs using 1) the shape of the block, sashing , or border as a defined outer perimeter for the quilting pattern, and 2) an simplified/versatile inside the block,sashing, border reference stencil allowing one to create unmarked designs that FIT the area without having the "perfect sized stencil."

on a sharpie marked practice 'quilt' an example of her chalked reference

Very clever and freeing ideas that allow for both simple and intricate designing without marking. Cut me a little slack on tthe quality of quilting here. I am new to longarming...really new, and I was most interested in the process rather than the end result on THIS day anyway.
If yo ever have a chance at a class with Pam... Take it! By the way, she is the featured artist in the most current Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine (www.MQUMAG.com) Check her out!

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