Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finishing A Santa Sample

I need to get moving with a large sample of my Santa's Secret Class project. My one large sample was acquired, and though I have some small ones, a large one is needed for class in Houston.... So while people usually paint this guy in a Red or Blue suit.... I'd experimented using Gold and Misty Champagne metallic inks. I liked it, but now to add a background... I think in No. 92 Tsukineko ink... titled Red Delicious... and it is. So here we go with quilt top lightly stretched smooth atop clear plastic protecting the tabletop.
This is one of the times I use Tsukinekos round tip Fantastix applicator (called bullet) to apply a large area like a background. The round tips require little to no nuanced application technique... just dig the color in though I'll give you a tip in a moment. (By the way.... I've placed the ink bottle in view for YOU to see. I NEVER rest an ink bottle atop something I am painting.) Too risky.
To apply ink, the bullet tip is held straight up and down...Just go for it!
Just a by the way here... when I'm doing a background, I often use a cross hatch application approach... a few overlapping parallel strokes one direction, then another direction, then another... all the while overlapping the cross hatched segments . This creates a slightly modeled fill, something I rather like and usually more pleasant to the eye. Any attempts to solidly fill a background, while achievable will take more time and 'might' result in uninteresting streaked patterns. For Santa, I used the cross hatch approach, BUT because Christmas is such a joyous occasion, I curved the strokes in the cross hatch segment... just because it seemed 'happier.'
I 'generally add a second coat of cross hatching after the first dries. This is done in order to address given areas that dry lighter than I want. Heat set with dry iron and we are done painting. All your call anyway. Hope to see you in Houston in November.
Okay, I'm liking Golden Boy St. Nick. It will get brdered and quilted later I'm afraid. I'll share photos when I can get that on the to do now list.
UPDATE: DUH.... I'm a terrible marketer. I do have this pattern and follow along step by step photo/text guide available if you contact me.

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