Thursday, June 16, 2011

Late and Ready all at once

It's maybe a bit late for Spring Cleaning and a Cinco De Mayo celebration, but I have an excuse. I was gone much of April and May and tomorrow I want to use the colorful table linens I purchased last year in Mexico. So I've been deep cleaning inside and outside all week ( who wants to see that.. no I haven't been posting) and I'm now ready ( table set, some food prepared in advance) for meeting and lunch at my studio with members of one of my friendship groups... The Wanabe Quiters. Thank Goodness sunflowers are abundant and beautiful. They adorn my table.
The colorful linens came from "Pancho's" in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. I'll be dining there in less than 2 weeks. Yeah!
I know this doesn't resemble what you'd expect as a studio, but it is nonetheless with the whole back of the place housing my painting/quilting 'stuff.' I full time live in the local mountains in a more cabin-like environment. This studio condo is just 15 minutes down the mountain and sits on the edge of a tennis club so I hear people exercising all the time and it makes me feels good!
I've had these circular paper napkins for some time, and I sort of thought they made interesting 'charger mats' under my clear luncheon plates.
From years of traveling to the same resort in Mexico, I have a legion of painted ceramics, so they will be placed around the room with snacks and well THE snack... chocolate covered raisins from Costco. It took me too many ceramics painted to preplan painting to coordinate with things I already owned.. but better late than never.
Lastly, I have an oversized basket sitting next to my front door in which I place things that need to go elsewhere. In this case, since I'm practicing on my longarm, I've been doing philanthrophy quilting for service groups. This one is ready to go to it's owner tomorrow.
I 'have to get things ready in advance mostly because I go a bit brain-fried when everyone arrives, so maybe people will forgive me if I start out organized.

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