Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hats Off To Creations Quilt Shop

My my... I thought I'd seen every thing in the way of quilt shops and retreat centers.... until now...until I visited Creations Quilt Shop, Kerrville, Texas and their next door"Main House" Retreat Center.
The shop is a lovely victorian house with each room offering something new. I've seen shops set up similarly, but never so effectively.

Just inside the door, you meet Domino, the shop cat. I've met many a shop cat before, but this one is bigger than any ever met. After all, this IS Texas!

I left a good deal of money I made at the shop.... the most exquisite hand dyed wool I've ever seen and I found a Christmas gift opportunity so get out the card Patt. This be but a portion of my take.
Spectacular!!!!!! Click here to check them out at

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brenn1 said...

Wow, look how great those colours look in "Resting Rock" (the guesthouse)! hint hint lol