Saturday, June 25, 2011

".....A Little Time With My Friends"

What would you think of a Quilt Shop that built and offered a retreat center right next door to the shop? How about a classroom where every student had their own design wall ready to go? How about a great kitchen? And designer bedrooms? And a sitting area for lounging, watching TV, visiting, etc? Creations in Kerrville, Texas has created just that.

The "Main House" opened in April this year and already the owners have hosted several weekend getaways.
Cleverly designed 'design boards'... 4" x 8' insulation, covered with flannel stretched across front stapled to the back, raw edges on back sealed with heavy duty duct tape, plastic clothing 'hooks' upside down at top back of board allows the board to be hung on a crown molding that runs around the center walls.
Every 3 person 1 bath or 5 person 2 bath bedroom had it's own design theme. Each is clever in it's own right. I particularly liked this shabby chic room.

I can't even remember how many bedrooms there are... At least 7 or so. This is just a very cool place and the owners love their work for sure. The following post has their link. Check them out.

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