Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rick Rack Follie

I'm doing a  13 1/2 inch unfinished block sample from Quilters Newsletter free pattern Christmas Album ( and it looks mighty fun. This block is 4 sets of mittens in a scattered pattern. The mitten sets are tied together  embroidery,  thin bias, yarn, ribbon, whatever one desires.  I drew the path I need to take.

 I chose to use baby rick rack which I'm going to enjoy though admit the getting it on in such a tight swirled path is my challenge.  One of my new best applique friends (the glue pen) will help make this happen with minimal challenge.
Glue goes down atop the drawn path. This blue goes away so it's best to do this post haste and a bit at a time. Press the rick rack atop the blue path, then continue with glue around the next part of the path til done.
Slow as you go free motion stitch following the zig zag of the rick rack

Stitch off the end that is tucked under the paired mitten.
Voila!!   Now to finish the mittens with either blanket, raw edge, or for some... needle turn.  I do love needle-turn but don't feel I have time or it's even additive to the fun piece.

All the different Christmas blocks are free on QN website.  There's also a picture of the finished quilt with all block variations.  This is all scrap Christmas fabrics but for the 48" x 48" quilt background.  Fabric/cutting info is in the Aug/Sept published magazine.  I bought 3 yards ( I think more than I need) for the background of soft green polka dots.

I hope some of my friendship group will want to  take this fun challenge on for 2014.  I'll find out shortly. Meeting tomorrow.

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Cowtown Quilts said...

Wow! That looks like it was difficult to get the rick rack around in those circles.