Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stitches that "Harmonize"

These kinds of stitches include largely circular, curvy lines that can make one feel "happy." The baby quilt just posted previous was loaded with circles, swirls, curvy flowers.
This bubble fill is a dance of circle 8 patterns of different sized circles.  It's a bit time consuming, but effective and interesting.

Here, a mix of curved lines and bubble fill. I like this fill pattern.
 This a heart-shaped variation of the teardrop. Totally fun and fast.
 No name for this one... just happy and fun.
There's a reason feathers show up on many a quilt... They curve gracefully and the world of quilters love 'em.This particular sample feather is my bad news good news sample. The bad news... I screwed up the right side of this feather motif . The good news... It's my first stitched out feather so there's hope for me.
 I call this a thread audition.  Before I start my art quilts, I audition thread this way (in loopy piles in quilt top areas to be quilted with different threads)
Again... there's as many ways to 'harmonize as one can think of.  There are many more in your and my head. Play on a scrap sandwich and you'll know what to do/not do!  Happy Quilting.

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