Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spinning In My Jammies... One fun pattern

Yes, I know I am known as an art quilter... but sometimes pieced quilts are good mental therapy.  I've been running teaching so much I've missed my sewing machine but still have limited time.... so...
for my  Wanabes friendship group which does pretty traditional work swaps, I'm putting this in rotation for  member exchange work.

It takes 8  4 1/2 inch half squares  to  make one large block. This is a scrappy fun quilt using up novelty prints in this case.  Ideally, one half of the square is darker, one lighter. You'll see why at the end.  

I cut  2 7/8 inch black fabric squares , then cut diagonal to make small black triangles. These small triangles are sewn  as shown below.. stitched along the lighter side of the larger half square beneath.
Open/flip out the black triangle wings' , press, and trim the unneeded  light fabric corner beneath.
The next step is a reverse of the previous... With small white triangles sewn to the darker side of a half square beneath.

Now the fun begins.  Position 1 black 'winged triangle opposite  a white one, place right sides together along the long side and seam.

The result:I know this is a strange looking way to make a black and white half square... but it works great!!
 Four of these blocks are positioned with a pinwheel in the center.
The end result is just plain fun.  The quilt I saw had 5 of these blocks across and 7 down.

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