Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stitches That Stabilize

I often speak of the 'art' of quilting as about the message of line. I speak of the types of line in art composition... straight, curved, circular, angled, squared, horizontal, vertical  etc etc.   This is all important  and true and I considered today that even these can be defined/combined into quilting terminology that might not be so overwhelming for newer quilters. So today, I'll stitch out some from one set... Stabilizing....  For purpose of this .. note that stabilize will mean to the artful mind of the viewer.... truly.. the message of the line.

 Parallel straight lines  whether horizontal or vertical fit this category.
 The infamous grid fits it as well.  In this sampler, I marked the grid with a Frixion pen and then free motion stitched.  One direction first.  A soft touch of the heated iron at fabric setting ... and marks be gone!

 Then the opposite direction.
and it's done!  A grid viewed strictly hoizontal, vertical has a  slightly different feel than one done "on point"  On points does stabilize, and also is a bit uplifting.

There's a boxed scroll idea..
I love this  squared rooftop skyline idea
There's as many more as the mind can invent.. but  I think this conveys the general message. If what a quilter wants to convey is something... solid, stabile, maybe very calm... this might be the type of stitch your choose.
By the way... I'm creating this sampler on white silk.  I've got a bigger art quilt project that is challenging me to use a silk top, so I thought I better play a bit first. So I am doing 2 things at once here by  practicing stitch outs.   Happy Quilting.   I'll add some Harmonizing stitches next time.

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