Monday, January 6, 2014

Organizing after 13 years

I began art quilting over a dozen years back.... and like many... just kept adding to the fabric stash and art supplies. I've been at this studio location 7 years now and the "back room was a disaster so I've been organizing, tossing, etc for days.  I replaced some rolling warehouse carts that didn't quite work with some  48" W x 72" chrome shelves. First time I've had all my " yet to begin kits' and UFOs in one place. EEK!

It's all LOOKING like I'm organized whether I fully am or not.

 Th biggest laugh of my day came when I took out one of those multi colored rolling shelf units I bought very early on.   I began removing dyno labels but when I got to the bottom drawer ( appx 14"deep x 10"wide x  3" high),  I cracked up.  I guess I actually thought I'd not have much in the way of unfinished projects

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