Sunday, January 19, 2014

Something New... A quilted Giclee

 Some remember I created an oil painting  that I liked so before I let it go to it's new owner, I had fabric giclees made... small ones... like 12" x 12".  I had some done on cotton, some silk.  I'm quilting the cotton one first.  It's amazing how many hours go into this square foot... 8 so far.
I found quilting this small piece offered more freedom than my usual larger pieces. Nonetheless, I began by securing with monofilament... an extra fine one at that. More colored threads to follow.

Having that done, I chose to figure out the background as I already have a fair idea what's happening with his mane. Since the original oil painting background was predominately red with soft in and out of focus black on outer perimeter , I chose to quilt the blacker areas with a very dark red.. in almost a map topography /echo pattern... followed by bright red thread in remaining background areas.

Starting to quilt in  the mane

Looking fair
hours later... ready to bind.  Apologies for less than normal details as I go along.... I'm on a deadline.... Tomorrow is Road to Ca. I've delivered my teaching materials to the hotel... now to arrive plenty early tomorrow a.m. to get things off the floor and on to tables ( there were none earlier.)  I learned some things I'll do differently on the next  image.. perhaps silk next time.


Laura T said...

Hi Patt,
Love the lion and the quilting is amazing! Where do you have you images printed? I have a deer image that I would like to have on fabric and need some guidance. Have fun at Road to CA. I'll be at the Phoenix show in early Feb and looking forward to that one.

Diane Hansen said...

Love this! What a great idea.

Diane Hansen said...

Love this idea! Diane