Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today's Class at Road To Ca.

This will be a quick post as I am gathering up and on my way to teach a media mixer class.  This is much like when we were kids and played with construction paper... There are so many wonderful papers  with beautiful images these days....that we'll use them on fabric.... and add a few original surface images ourselves....   To warm up for tonights class... I'm creating a simple piece of glued on ( using artist matte medium) tissues.. napkins, japanese paper,  and stencils,  and stamps.

First atop a piece of  light value mottled background fabric... I lay out a basic composition of an assortment of materials that will tell the story I wish to 'play' with.  This one began from the sweet cherub napkin.

Next pieces get 'glued' to fabric using a thin application of medium ( Careful... many papers will tear when dampened.)
Once glued down... I added some stenciling.
I then decided I'd like a background stencil as well.  I wish I knew where I got this one... I love it. UPDATE:  Figured out the stencil source... TSC DESIGNS out of Texas.. they have a booth at Road to Calif this week and will be in Phoenix show next week. I think $7 bucks!!!

Placed atop piece... I will stencil only where the stencil color seems to be behind what I've placed on the surface as tissues, etc.

 In this case, I kept the background stencil soft. It will be a great help though when quilting the piece later... It will provide direction for quilting lines. Yeah!  Let the surface design do the work!   These little pieces are way fun to border and quilt. That will be later!!!

Finally the center of the quilt did call for something else.... so a soft value music stamp works for me.
Now to pack up!!!!

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