Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's like a Mom's Brag Book

What a varied collection of images and styles... ALL GOOD!!!! ;-) Again from my  Empty Spools class, Florann Ramsey completed a master work planned for an important gift so 'am reluctant to post just yet.. but this is also her work.. The cat is NOT out of the bag... yet.  too cute.
Marsha Nipper took to these inks like gangbusters.   She had taken an out of car window iphoto of trees swaying in the wind.  This is a lovely.. very watercolor - looking piece.  click on photo for enlarged view.
Michelle Howe also worked on an important challenge quilt image thus not reflected here out of respect for the challenge autonomy.  But as if it was no big deal to achieve... she  also painted this sweet fairy. Nice Michelle.  

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