Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Call for Asilomar

Students regularly take my  tiger eyes drawing to a beautiful result such as this one. I think this one was Diedre Bowman who whipped through this piece like she'd been painting forever.
Diedre's long time baby ( dang... I wish I remembered this doggies name)  was captured in a photo looking straight up at "Mama" Diedre.  The background (floor) of this piece is a rubbing done from placing a rugs non slip rubber web beneath the fabric before rubbing w/ a brown ink'd Fantastix from the top side.
Penni Barger captured a photo of this pajama'd Vietnamese man sitting peacefully in a Vietnamese city monument. She beautifully captured his disheveled hair which seems in contrast to his very peaceful demeanor causing the viewer to wonder about who this man is, what he contemplates, and what his life has been like.  A perfect subject to engage the viewer.
This incredible photo surprise came yesterday... It's quilted and now named  "Contentment." Nice job Penni !!!!!   
 Penni also used inks to enhance a fabric piece from another class. Nice addition of shadows and highlights!!!    I'm hungry looking at this fresh fruit. 

Chris Bernarsconi painted and quilted 2 pieces this week. Quite a courageous go getter.  I snapped at least one  photo of her work... here a family member  dressed and adorable as only a grandchild can be.   Too darling!  "Hello Kitty!"

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